Goodbye Horses


Maximilian Larsson –
VR Entrepreneur, Goodbye Horses AB

10 years of experience in Visual design, UX design & Concept development. Now challenging myself in VR entrepreneurship. Focusing exclusively on VR related projects. Read more about it here.

Maximilian Larsson Maximilian Larsson

Creating the best user experience is always in my sight. Doing this with people I deem more talented than me is a pure privilege. You could call me a creative mercenary, I feel restless when not working on a project.

I Have worked with a wide range of projects and technologies:

  • Social Media platforms
  • E-Commerce
  • Mobile GUI (before and after the iPhone)
  • Startup Co-founder
  • OEM OS Design
  • Wearables
  • Smart Home systems
  • IOT
  • AI
  • Internship mentoring
  • Workshops
  • Icon systems

For more work samples check Topp design & innovation where I worked for 3 years on other exciting projects.

Email: max (at)
Phone: + 46 70 69 07 991
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