Goodbye Horses

Topp is a design studio which helps clients create new products and value – in emerging segments like mobile, automotive, consumer electronics and beyond.

Topp works in tight-knit teams to deliver the highest value of concepts. I am proud to be a part of Topp's history. For 3 years we worked hard together and we pushed ourselves to create what design and technology could be. We shaped the new.

Dashboard prototype ford

Some public examples of what we did and more context. This is just a small part of all the work we did together, the majority of work is still locked down under NDA's and will be for a long time.

High profile client work

Wearable – Samsung Gear S2
Mobile OS – Tizen
Automotive dashboard – Ford
Application – Doctors without borders

Internal & pitch work

Data Lab – Topp
Topp brand redesign - Topp
Prototype application design - Noodl
Multiscreen prototype - Topp

Also managed the intern program at Topp, we gave our talented interns the possibility to grow and be an integral part of the team and culture. And I am very proud of the work they have achieved at Topp.

I can call myself one of the lucky few who helped define Topp to what it is today. Design & Innovation is what drives me and all the friends I made at Topp.