Goodbye Horses

I'm currently looking for project collaborators that have a deep passion for VR. If you know anyone with these skills or if you want to develop these skills in collaboration with other passionate people. We want you to join us. Contact me now.
/ Max

Looking for people with these VR interests

3D Animator — Fluent in motion.
You have the ability to make anyone fall in love with a basic shape using only animation for communication.

Sound designer — Painting with sound.
You are able to create a vivid environment with sound as your only paintbrush.

3D modeling — The world is just a bunch of shapes.
You posses the ability to communicate the smallest detail in the bigest context. You speak polygon fluently.

Programming — Function beyond what meets the senses.
There is a lot going on behind the scene and you are the one in control. Nothing happens unless you make it so.

User experience designer — Experiencing the unknown.
You walk in the intersection of the real world and the digital. Your calling is to stitch them together into something better.

Business relations — Interesting people is your opium.
You create oppertunities left and right. You are a social missile with unlimited fuel and a mission to make impact.

Untitled — Defined by just one title is not enough.
You get stuff done and nothing or no one can stop you from doing VR related things with other people. No prior experience needed. Salary is optional. You belive that if you are passionate about what you do nothing can stop you, not even the lack of money.

We are looking to establish a VR development team with diverse set of skills, a strong mix of people from all backgrounds and cultures. Don't be a stranger and drop me a line or maybe recomend someone you think would fit the team.