Goodbye Horses

Helveticons is an ongoing icon project at Goodbye Horses. Filling the need for resolution independent icons, symbols, and pictograms for new media application design. Based on the same design ethos of the elite swiss typesetters and are currently containing over 600+ icons. They are icons created with a high level of quality. Custom icons can be requested for a perfect fit for any application.

"The point of Helveticons is to make it the most useful, and complete icon set available. Without losing consistency or style"

Helveticons Wallpaper

Helveticons website render

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Started the creation of Helveticons in the spring of 2009 and has since then invested over 1000 hours creating this unique icon set. In 2009 the number of stock icons available on the web was poor. Style and quality were lacking and only a handful of icons had some quality. The need for more variety was obvious and Helveticons was born. Since then the icon scene has been flooded with new icon sets which are very inspiring.

Helveticons Wallpaper